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Monday, November 21, 2016

Sometimes the best purchases are unexpected..

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I randomly stopped at Walmart a few weeks ago to pick up a few things and walked past the women's clothing aisle. Now to be honest, I normally wouldn't give Walmart's clothing section a second look. I've just never known them to have anything that really caught my eye. However, this one time I did just happen to look...and to my surprise I saw a pretty nice selection of really cute capes! I've been wanting to add a new cape or two to my collection and went over to check them out. I couldn't believe that they were only $13! I had been looking at a lot of capes online and some of the lowest prices were around $30, so I didn't hesitate to throw one in my cart. I'm so excited about this discovery and I plan to head back and pick up a couple more very soon! 

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