When Your Favorite People At Work Quit

Friday, September 30, 2016

It sucks when people leave. I still remember how I felt when my best friend left and went to a new school in the 3rd grade. Though 3rd grade was a very long time ago, I’ve found similar feelings can still arise even as a full on career woman (still feels weird saying that).

Check out how I’ve dealt with my favorite people at work no longer being in the office!

I didn’t have many expectations about finding friends in the office when I began my career almost 2 years ago. The first week or so, I remember trying to be friendly..smiling and saying hello to everyone I passed in the hallway. Then one day, a fellow smiling face came over to my desk and asked if I wanted to go to lunch with her and a girl who was on the HR team. Yay friends! From that point on it basically become a weekly routine. The three of us went to lunch together all the time, stopped by each others desks to talk and even began sharing advice on our guy troubles. I looked forward to seeing them everyday and they just made being in the office a little more enjoyable! Then after almost a year, one of my favorite office friends let me know that she had some news. She was leaving for another job. I was fully aware that people moved on to new jobs all the time in the career world, still it sucked to see her go. Then, a few months later my other office friend announced that she would be leaving as well. Now most recently, my first real boss- someone that I will be forever grateful to for believing in my potential- has departed the organization as well. It’s for certain that everyone will experience many goodbyes throughout their careers. Though it will be tough at times, you have to deal with it. Here’s how: 

Don’t Panic
So your bestie in the office is leaving..don’t panic! Though things will certainly be different at first without them there, you will be just fine. Time will pass and you’ll eventually get used to a new normal.

Keep In Touch
It doesn’t have to be a goodbye, but merely a see you later! When my two office besties left the organization, we made sure that we remained connected even though we were no longer down the hall from each other. We meet up for lunch every now and then and we even exchanged Christmas presents after the were gone! Make sure that you all have each other’s numbers and even connect on social media. The friendship doesn’t have to end just because they’re time in the office did.

Be Open To Other People
Though you may have already found your office faves, that doesn’t mean that you won't find more in the future! A couple months after my office friends left, a new girl began working in our office who is really close to my age. We’ve began to chat a lot and even go on weekly smoothie runs together! Be open to meeting new people and developing new friendships in the office. We have the opportunity to encounter so many awesome people throughout our career, embrace it!

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