the classic pump.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I am slowly falling in love with the classic pump...

I’ve always been a platform girl! I love chunky heeled shoes and flatforms, that make a statement without hurting my feet. However, I’ve always admired the look of a classic court shoe or pump. Unfortunately, I’ve just never enjoyed walking in them! Therefore this year, I’ve taken the vow to invest in more of the shoes that I’ve always swooned over from afar and practice walking in them until it becomes a breeze! This plan could either go very well, or not so well…. but I’m willing to take my chances! These leopard pumps that I picked up in the summer are definitely a fave, but I recently picked up a couple more pairs and I can't wait to share them on the blog! Hopefully the more I walk in them, the more my feet will get used to the arch of the shoes. I’ll keep you all posted of this footwear journey!


  1. I'm sixty-three, and haven't worn heels since my teens. I think pumps are a chauvinist plot to cripple women. At least, women who weigh more than 75 pounds. The pumps are adorable, but don't let that fool you. They're seductive. And they're deadly.

  2. Great pumps! I've been looking for a pair like this :)


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