Monday, November 9, 2015

Last week, I was watching The Real Daytime and was inspired by a guest of their’s to create this post!

Dawn McCoy went on the show to share her #Dear15Me campaign. Here’s a brief explanation of the campaign pulled from her site:

How did you feel at 15-years-old? And what do you wish you could tell yourself at 15 if you could go back now? Dawn McCoy (host, creator of BeautyFrosting, and lifestyle and life empowerment expert) has created a movement where we can share our stories and struggles of when we were 15-years-old – and share our hindsight vision – to encourage teens to love and accept themselves, just as they are right now at this very moment.  *Helping teens tackle their teenage years with the confidence, grace, wisdom and ease we wish we’d had.*

Introducing 15 year old Paige..featuring my favorite hand on the hip pose.

In honor of this awesome campaign…here are 15 things that I would love to be able to tell my 15 year old self!
  1. Stop stressing about your Sweet 16 party. People will actually show up!
  2. You feel like you were the last one on earth but you've finally had your first kiss & “boyfriend"! Trust me, it only gets better from here. ;)
  3. Keep working hard in school, it will later pay off in college acceptance letters and scholarships!
  4. Don’t pay attention to all of those annoying and rude people at your high school. If only you knew where a majority of them would be in life 8 years from now…ha.
  5. Out of all those “BFFs" you have right now, Amber is the only one still there. Go give her a big hug!
  6. You may think that you have your career plans all figured out…but the shy girl that you are now would be so surprised to see the career path that you've chosen.
  7. You'll one day look back on those bangs and frown. :(
  8. Your mom will finally let you get your eyebrows waxed at 16…it will change your life forever.
  9. You just got your learners permit! At 23, you’re going to be able to purchase an amazing car all by yourself!
  10. Boys are still dumb…sorry.
  11. Though you’re still a tad shy…you’d literally be amazed at how far you’ve come out of your shell.
  12. You know that silly blogging hobby that you have, where you rant about boys and high school….well it turned out to be a lot more than a silly hobby! It will turn into some awesome college blogging internships with Seventeen Magazine, CollegeFashionista.com..oh and the creation of PaigeMariah.com. :)
  13. All of those major problems that you think you have now…you ain’t seen nothing yet. Don’t worry though…it always gets better and it’ll only make you stronger.
  14. Spend more time with your grandmother.
  15. You think that you’re pretty cute now?…just wait until those braces come off and you find your personal style! Can you say #GLOUP? You’ll understand what that means and my use of hashtag in a few years… :)

What are some things that you’d love to tell your 15 year old self? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. I love this Paige! Now in thinking of jumping on the bandwagon.


  2. I love this Paige! Now in thinking of jumping on the bandwagon.


    1. Yes, please do! I challenged you on Instagram! lol :)

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