Fall/Winter Jacket & Coat Wish List!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Currently, coats are at the top of my fall/winter shopping must haves list!

I can't help but get on ASOS and drool over all of the amazing faux furs, parkas and trench coats! Jackets and coats can basically make or break your outfit in the fall and winter, since it's always the top clothing layer any time that you walk outside. This season, I definitely plan to do a little investing in my coat collection. Now let me clarify, I will definitely not be purchasing all of the coats in this wish list....keyword wish. However, even as a thrifty shopper, I do believe in investing in good quality pieces every now and then that you know will last you for years to come.

You know what's also super satisfying?.. Falling in love with a style that I know is a bit too pricey for me but then finding something very similar at the thrift store or a more affordable retailer like Forever 21 or H&M. So, go ahead and build those wish lists! There's nothing wrong with investing in 1 or 2 quality items that are more pricey on your list, but always keep your eyes open for better deals, holiday sales, and definitely don't sleep on what the thrift store has to offer! My first investment just might have to be that peacock faux fur. ;)

Row 1:
Monki Lightweight Parka Jacket
ASOS Swing Coat in Patchwork Faux Fur
ASOS Coat in Midi Swing Trapeze

Row 2:
Selected Bania Coat in Faux Fur
ASOS Parka With Quilted Detail And Contrast Panel
ASOS Faux Fur Coat In Leopard

Row 3:
Lovers + Drifters Shaggy Fur Jacket
ASOS WHITE Hexagon Quilted Jacket
Story Of Lola Midi Length Faux Fur Coat In Boho Peacock Print

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