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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Thrifted Dress|Dr. Marten Siano|Thrifted Belt|Thrifted Purse

Fact of the day: I loveeee my Doc Marten boots in the fall and winter seasons.

So when I saw the low lace Siano on sale for only $60 (originally $110) at the Urban Outfitters Surplus a few months ago, I just knew that I had to have them!

However, if you’re also a fan of Docs…you know how painful it can be to break them in (UO actually sells pre broken in pairs online, because they obviously understand the struggle). So unfortunately, I let these awesome shoes that I once had heart eyes for.. sit in my closet for months and months collecting dust… as I dreaded about what they were going to one day do to my poor ankles. Well, finally I gathered up enough courage and embarked on my day with these wonderful yet painfully stylish shoes laced on tight. Well of course by the end of the day, I was basically clicking my heels three times WISHING that I could just teleport back home without taking another step…..but it was totally worth it. It’s all in the name of fashion after all.

*Feelin' Thrifty Tip: If you pick up a dress at the thrift store that’s a little too oversized or boxy, simply throw on a belt and cinch your waist so that your shape is not lost!

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