top 3 things to keep in mind when buying your first car

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Last week, I officially made my very first huge adult decision. I bought a car! It still feels pretty unreal...but more importantly, I feel incredibly blessed! Are you planning on making your own car purchase in the near future? Check out the top 3 tips that I followed that helped prepare me for this huge step.
1. Do your research: My previous car was a much older used car that my wonderful mother bought me to get around in back in high school. Therefore, this was the first time that I really had to do my own intensive vehicle research. I barely know a thing about cars but I quickly realized that there's a whole lot more that goes into choosing one than deciding on style and color. What fits in your price budget? Which cars are best on gas milage? What dealerships are easiest to get you when you need repairs? I did hours and hours of googling before choosing my vehicle. After having an idea of what I wanted, I searched on websites such as and looked up lists such as "Top Affordable Small Cars". One of those lists is actually how I even found out about and fell in love with the Volkswagen Eos! 

2. Save, Save, Save: You definitely want to have a good amount of savings before you make this big purchase. The bigger the down payment that you are able to put on your car, the lower your interest rate will be. Most importantly, you'll have less left to pay off! Trust me, the more money you have to put down up front, the better.

3. Be Realistic: It's so important to clearly identify your wants and your needs. Sure you might picture yourself looking amazing while driving around in a Jaguar or a Benz  (who doesn't?), but can you realistically afford it? Don't put yourself in a lot of unnecessary debt. Your monthly payments should not break the bank. Find a car that not only fits you but fits your budget!

I'm so excited about my Volkswagen and even more excited that I was actually able to purchase it all on my own. However, my parents will always be my biggest support system and they were there to help guide me every step of the way. Ultimately, I can rest easy knowing that I made the best decision for me. I hope these tips were helpful and I wish everyone a smooth and stress free car buying process!


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