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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Thrifted Blouse/Short Set|EchoClubHouse Flats|Thrifted Purse

So, I've already shared how much I've adored culottes during the spring/summer seasons..but have we talked about how I feel about coordinating sets?? I love co-ords in any way, any season- suit sets, top/skirt combos, or like in this look..blouse/short sets. Why do I love them? Well, when I buy one coordinating set, after a little mix & matching I'm actually bringing 3 potential outfits into my wardrobe! 

I've been obsessed with these sets for a while now, but recently I've noticed that many of my favorite retails stores have even began adding co-ords sections to their sites and I'm loving it. Fortunately for me, my favorite thrift stores are also almost always guaranteed to have an awesome matching set somewhere inside as well. However, to find one it isn't always as easy as a simply click on my laptop. This is usually when my top thrifting skills kick in, because a lot of the time, the top and bottom aren't actually being sold together! When I see a blouse pattern that I really love, I throw it in my basket and then I make sure to keep my eyes open for a possible matching bottom. I happened to find this beautiful floral set on one of those lucky days! 

Anyone else feeling the coordinating set as much as I am?

Photography by Asia Mariah

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