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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Thrifted Blouse |Boohoo Jersey Midi Skirt |Thrifted Belt |New Look Buckle Sandals|H&M Sunglasses 

There sure are a lot of buckles in this look! However, in this post I'll just be focusing on the belt buckled around my waist. One of my favorite things about thrifting is the opportunity that it gives me to experiment with clothes without spending a whole lot of money. Sometimes things work with your wardrobe when you bring them home and sometimes they don't...but if you only spent $1.50, it isn't really a huge deal! Therefore, I shop a little bit differently in thrift stores than I would at a retail store. It's like I see the potential in almost everything! If I spot something that I like, that maybe has an awesome pattern but isn't quite the right size or length..I'll still consider purchasing it with the plan to make some alterations as soon as I get home. Sometimes I'll buy super long skirts/dresses and cut and hem them above the knee or even buy plain tees and turn them into crop tops! For this look, I had a blouse that I thrifted that was clearly way too big but I loved the polka dots and pattern on the shoulders. Oversized blouse dilemmas can quickly be solved by simply cinching in your waist with a nice belt. This quick fix helps you not to look too boxy or shapeless when wearing bigger clothes!

Pretty easy right? So, the next time time you're in the thrift store and you're thinking of passing over something because it isn't originally perfect at first glance, take a moment and think of how you can still possibly make it work for you! 

Photography by Asia Mariah

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