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Thursday, April 30, 2015

On Tuesday, the Windy City Blogger Collective was invited to a special SoulCycle class at their newly opened, first Chicago location. I was so excited about this opportunity because I actually already spin at my local LA Fitness twice a week . Since SoulCycle is a fitness studio specially focused on spinning/cycling, I was really excited to check the place out. This is a SUPER nice studio! As soon I walked in, I was pleasantly greeted at the front desk by their staff. After I signed in, I was asked my shoe size and given a special pair of cycling shoes. There was someone there to assist me at the lockers (which had a USB outlet in each one, so that you can charge your phone while you work out!) and help me figure out how to set my lock code. The bathroom was stocked with almost anything you could need at a gym, ponytail holders, tampons (not the cheap ones either), bandaids, lotion, face wash and even deodorant spray! This location is pretty small so I noticed that there were only two showers in the bathroom.

There is only one class that goes on at a time and because the facility is small, it was pretty crowded in the locker area when the class before us was released. Imagine 60 people in one small area..it was actually a little bit TOO crowded for my liking. After that madness, we entered the spin studio and found the bike number that we were assigned ahead of time. There were towels sitting on each bike and offered a smart water if you didn't bring your own.

Now on to the actual class...

I had a blast! I really liked the instructor, who was really motivating and shared words of encouragement all throughout the session. The music choice was great.. at LA Fitness I typically spin with an older crowd and though I love the music they use as well, it was fun to spin along to some Kanye, Rihanna and Beyonce! We actually did our ending stretches to Beyonce x Rocket- perfect song choice LOL. I believe that I was able to keep up throughout the entire class because I spin regularly, but if you never have before..I can see it being a little bit challenging. The only issue I had during the class was unlocking my special spin shoes from pedals when it was time to get off the bike (embarrassing!).

Overall, I had a great time! I would love to return, however I personally find SoulCycle to be a bit too on the expensive side. I pay $30 a month to be a member at LA Fitness and SoulCycle is $30 per 45 min class.. that means 50 classes would total to $3,500. Overall, I think that it is an awesome spinning studio. If you're looking for a new and fun way to work out and their prices are within your budget. I say go for it! Sign up here and try out your first class for $20.

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