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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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When I saw this "Goal Digger" shirt on Charm & Gumption a few months ago, I just knew that I had to have it. We all know what a gold digger is and the negative connotations that surround that phrase. However, a goal digger can best be defined as, "A person who surrounds themselves with the success that they desire." I think that everyone should strive to be a goal digger! I believe that all of the situations that you involve yourself in and the decisions that you make right now, all contribute to the success of your future. There is nothing more attractive to me than drive. I love being around people who are determined to reach their goals and seeing someone's eyes light up when they speak of their passions. It actually keeps me feeling inspired and motivated! 

I think Whitley Gilbert of my favoriteeee show A Different World said it best....
Dwayne: What kind of husband do you want Whitley
Whitley: What kind do you think?
Dwayne: Rich…
Whitley: I would like a man who is educated, enterprising, and ambitious.
Dwayne: So you wouldnt mind if he was poor?
Whitley: That type of man is never poor…

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Photography by Asia Mariah

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