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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

For those of you who work in a cubicle like myself, it can be a bit boring to stare at those enclosed walls all day long. As soon as I began my first career job, I just knew that I had to give my cubicle my own personal touch...especially since I spend more of my awake time in the office than at home during the week! I had a lot of fun decorating my work space and I now receive a lot of compliments and questions whenever new people visit my desk. Therefore, I thought I'd share my cubicle decor in a short video tour! It was really inexpensive to decorate and I realized that a majority of the things on my desk actually came from good ol' Target. I also picked up some awesome prints from some pretty cool shops on Etsy and online stores like The Flair Exchange and Charm & Gumption. I definitely  plan to add more to my space as time goes on!

I hope you're feeling a little bit inspired after watching this video to spruce up your own cubicle if you haven't just yet!

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